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~*Sex Me Up*~

SeX mE uP
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[~ * A b o u t * ~]
There is only 1 word to describe this community.. SEX ..
You can post anything you want as long as it is about sex...
Any questions you might have or even if you have advice to give.
♥Just Have Fun!♥

[~ * T h e . R u l e s * ~]
Not too many.....
♥ Try to post as much as you can,we want to keep this community going!
♥ Make sure ALL posts are Friends Only!!,If Not,they will be Deleted!
♥ Do not insult anyone who might post and is less expierienced than you,remember,we were all virgins once.
♥ Have Fun!!!!!!!

[~ * A f t e r . J o i n i n g * ~]
♥ Make sure you post your introduction..We want to know everyone.
♥ Try to promote our community as much as you can..it is greatly appreciated!!
♥ Post as much as you can

[~ * I n t r o d u c t i o n * ~]
*Are you a virgin?-
*How old were you when you lost your virginity?-
*How many partners have you had?-
*How many times have you had sex?-
*Do you masturbate?-
*What do you use? Any interesting items?-
*What is your favorite sexual position?-
*What is your least favorite sexual position?-
*Do you like to give or recieve?-
*What is your favorite thing to do to your partner?-
*Where is the most interesting/exciting/craziest place you've had sex or anything sex related?-

[~ * C o n t a c t s * ~]
If you have any questions your mods are Stephanie (xjustjustifiedx) and Nikki (xxbabie_kakesxx)
You can im us on aim...Stephanie-xjustjustifiedx and Nikki-Undertakersbtch0
Email address...Stephanie-Sparklystar131@comcast.net and Nikki-JimMorrisonbabe01@yahoo.com